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Pigmented Inkjet-Print on Hahnemühle Perle, stamped and numbered edition of 4.

This work is composed from a mixture of disparate elements; photographs of flowers, pornography and fashion advertising. What we see is not always what we imagine it to be. Especially true in an era of digital media which allows history to be re-written and re-created and truth is no longer an absolute.

4 in stock


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 76.2 × 50.8 × 5 cm

These fine art prints are created using pigmented archival inks and acid-free, ph neutral papers. Pigmented inks bring the image to life for a good number of human generations.


Each print is received in its own crystal clear polypropylene sleeve, suitable for archive. A same-sized 1.5 mm matte accompanies the print for stability. All prints are shipped flat, reinforced with double wall corrugated fibre board and 10mm of rigid original Fome-Cor. Production work is done to the highest standards of quality.