Post Physical Playgrounds – an NFT Art Exhibition

Post Physical Playground, was the first NFT exhibition at the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany. The exhibition took place on the University campus at the Digital Bauhaus Lab. Visitors to the exhibition could visit the works in the exhibition via a giant video wall or interactively via VR headsets. The virtual metaverse environment was created by the exhibitions curators, Brian Bixby and Jorg Brinkman. The exhibition featured a variety of artworks from a group of Bauhaus students in a variety of mediums ranging from performance art to photography, and a majority of the works were available to purchase and minted as NFTs. The exhibition also featured an international roster of guest speakers and artists.

One of the phenomenons we experienced during the exhibition was how similar developing a show in the metaverse was to the real world. The shared metaverse software we use to host our exhibition space allows us to collaborate in real-time in the metaverse and our artists needed to literally deliver their works into the space and drop them onto the ground in order for me to then interact with those NFT artworks and hang them on the virtual walls of our gallery space. I had to physically navigate to each and every artwork, grab it, and then walk to the area I wanted to hang it. I also manually applied wall labels which also had to be done one by one. Post Physical Playgrounds is an exhibition that explores the metaverse and future of curating and interacting with art. The playground is limitless and it is also where good ideas are born. You can still visit the exhibition thanks to our friends at spatial.

Twitter Space Program pt. 1

Spatial Exhibition Tour with the Artists. Hosted by exhibition curators Jörg Brinkmann & Brian Bixby. Visitors may join via

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Beginn: 14.00 Uhr (CEST/Berlin Time)
Ende: 16.00 Uhr

Bauhausstraße 9a – Digital Bauhaus Lab, Room 001, Performance Platform
Ort: Room 001, Performance Platform

Exhibition Curators

Brian Bixby –
Jörg Brinkmann

Guest Artists

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Twitter Space Program pt. 2

Hosted by guest artist: ARTJEDI and exhibition curator Brian Bixby. Visitors may join via

Beginn: 16.00 Uhr (CEST/Berlin Time)
Ende: 18.00 Uhr

Bauhausstraße 9a – Digital Bauhaus Lab, Room 001, Performance Platform
Ort: Room 001, Performance Platform