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Project Description

Shedding, installation view, 2015, 2-channel video projection.

Shedding is a 2-channel video projection that never loops, the image remains in a state of flux. The image of a man and a woman are projected simultaneously into one beam of light creating an androgynous lifeform. In snakes the shedding of the skin occurs regularly, when old skin is outgrown.

When a person sets out with the intention to look for someone they may be able to find themselves in the process. On the path to find ourselves there are many questions. Not all of them can be answered. Shedding is an exploration of the self and people we haven’t met yet.

She is no longer here, Iconotop, Weimar, Germany, 2015.
I’m Look­ing For You, Week­end­haus, Berlin, Ger­many, 2012.