The photograph was taken within the vacant apartment of Frau Müller. Within these walls, remnants of her life persist in the form of old letters and a forgotten walking cane. Yet, I found inspiration in an unexpected place – the apartment’s charming GDR-era rose-patterned wallpaper. This relic of the past became a canvas for a new form of artistic expression, a gesture to preserve the essence of a space that is about to be lost during renovation.

The neon light serves as our guide into the abyss, illuminating the inner sanctum of the cut, allowing us a glimpse into the earthen chasm that lies beneath. Here, the ground is filled with dirt, an assemblage of secrets and stories buried underfoot.

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Forbidden Colours #16
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Escape Artist #3


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Der Neue Mensch – Die Neue Welt

Curated by Brian Bixby & Jorg Brinkman


Post Physical Playgrounds

Curated by Brian Bixby & Jorg Brinkman

Coming Home

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Curated by Brian Bixby & Jeffers Egan

Post Physical Playgrounds