Portal, installation view, Xerox prints, red neon tube, wood frame: 89.5 x 192 cm


Project Overview

While visiting some abandoned apartments in Weimar I came across a curious scene, it was a door that had been hidden for decades behind wallpaper. After years of neglect and moisture the wallpaper had begun to peel back off of the wall, revealing these secrets of the past. I made several photographs in this apartment and created an installation piece inspired by the experience. In this work I remove a rectangle shape out of the wall and place a black and white photo on the other side of the wall. All of this is framed in wood to create this extruded frame that is recessed into the wall. The image itself is taken of this door behind the wallpaper, and is itself still closed and makes you wonder, what is behind?

Portal 001, installation view, Xerox prints, cardboard, neon tube, wood frame: 131.5 x 216.5 cm